Stipendium for Business

As a business, you need employee benefits that provide a better return on investment for your business and your employees — with more holistic, engaging and supportive experiences for your team.

Stipendium helps you do both with benefit models that help employees manage their life events faster, cheaper and easier. Its smart products smooth their journey through complex events such as moving home, writing a will, investing, or taking care of a loved one.

Multiple studies have shown the significant impact of emotional and financial wellbeing on employee engagement and productivity, yet few companies have a holistic benefits package that clearly aligns a business’ needs with those of employees.

Stipendium’s suite of products provide this alignment, enabling you to invest in the lifecycles of your employees in a new way, and enhancing your businesses employee valuation proposition. All this will help to future-proof your employee benefits offering, increasing employee wellbeing, engagement, productivity, recruitment and retention.

Stipendium enables you to:

Help employees manage life events such as buying a house, writing a Will, making an investment and receiving care - faster, cheaper and easier

Boost employee engagement and productivity by supporting financial and emotional wellbeing

Improve recruitment and retention

Enhance your benefits package to meet the needs of younger and future generations

Align your business’ needs with those of your employees

Combine Stipendium with your existing benefits to create a total reward strategy and a robust employee value proposition

Stand out and get an edge over other companies

Use our simple voucher code system to reward your employees.


The productivity gains should make our small one-off charges an easy decision for your business.

To discuss how you can supercharge returns from your employee benefits, contact us.



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