About Stipendium

Stipendium is creating a suite of products which have been designed
to simplify your milestone life events.

We are creating products to save you time and money with all the tools and services you need in one place along with complete
step-by-step guides to explain the processes and jargon to ensure you have a full understanding of the journey.

Simplifying your major life events

Hi, we are Stipendium’s founders Christina Melling and John Bohan, and our mission is to help you manage your complex life events more quickly, cheaply and easily.

Our platform brings you all the information and services you need to handle major events such as buying a house, investing, making a will, and much more – all in one place.

Professional advice and services are already built in with the addition of step-by-step guides and demystified jargon at each stage so you have complete control and understanding of what is happening, when and why.

With everything digitised and in one place, managing your life event becomes convenient and streamlined, not clunky or time-consuming. Think of us as the Deliveroo of major events in your life.

Stipendium helps you access all the services you need via a fast, simple voucher system. This means you can buy it for yourself, gift it to friends or family, or offer it as a benefit to employees. Saving so much time, money and stress could be the best gift or reward you’ll ever give.

From house buying, to mortgages, investments, wills, and care - life can be complicated. Stipendium makes your journey through these events faster, cheaper and easier.

‘If we could unfold the future, the present would be our greatest care.’

~ Edward Counsel

Our Values

At Stipendium, we believe in

  1. Leading change through our mission to simplify complex life events
  2. Putting your needs at the centre of everything we do
  3. Innovating and simplifying by design
  4. Partnering with forward-thinking people and businesses who share the same passion
  5. Adapting to the ever-changing needs and behaviours of people and businesses
  6. Being a bit weird. All the best people are!


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