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Saving you time and money with everything you need to buy a house in one place

Stipendium in a Nutshell

Stipendium has a suite of products which have been designed to simplify your complex life events, such as buying a house, moving, investing and will writing. It empowers you to manage these events quickly, easily and all in one place.

The professionals and services are already built in with the addition of step-by-step guides and demystified jargon at each stage so you have complete control and understanding of what is happening, when and why.

From house buying, to mortgages, investments, wills, and care - life can be complicated. Stipendium makes your journey through these events faster, cheaper and easier.


Save time

The journey is streamlined with leading experts integrated into the journey, saving you time

Save money

Access fee-free and competitive professional services along with discounts and deals

Reduce stress

Everything you need is in one place, accessible at your fingertips


How it works

Everything you need is online and it’s as simple as 1-2-3!

1.  A unique code will be emailed to you or the intended recipient upon purchase.
2.  Upon receipt of the code, simply return to the website and enter it.
3.  Enjoy your journey!

There are three ways in which a Stipendium product can be accessed:


When you buy a Stipendium product for yourself, you will receive a unique code which allows you to unlock your journey.



You could gift a product to a friend or family member.  Simply purchase the product and email the code to them.



You can reward your employees with a product as an employee benefit.




The Stipendium Vision


To revolutionise how we access end-to-end professional services via a unique and innovative redemption process.


To synchronise reputable professional services and innovation to streamline the service journey, in one place, and without compromise on quality.


To de-mystify the realm of professional services and give you an understanding of what’s happening, when and why. Remember learning about what a mortgage is, what an investment is, and why it’s important to have a Will? No, neither do we.

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Our Mission

Saving you time and money when it matters



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